Sunday, May 4, 2008

Old Man's War by John Scalzi

Picked by: Phyllis

Andrea: An easy read, enjoyable for entertainment, lacked depth and development of underlying themes. Posed questions it did not explore and left a lot of potentially great concepts unexplored. I would recommend it for a lazy afternoon's read: you can lose yourself in the story without working too hard for the reward.
For Discussion: 3 | General Read: 4

Eric: Old Man's War is a very easy read, perhaps too easy. The subject matter lends itself to so much more and I was disappointed by Scalzi's lack of encouraging his characters, and thereby his readers, to ask the deeper questions or commit to some real opinions. I felt the characters lacked depth and development. That said, it was still a nice freshmen showing and I currently have the next book in the series in my possession so that must say something about this books readability.
General Read: 3.5 | For Discussion: 2

Discussed at Steph's house.