Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

Picked by: Bill

Judi: Page-turner, well written; excellent character development. More psychological exploration than the average sci-fi book.
General Read: 4 | For Discussion: 4

Phyllis: There seemed to be much more character development in
Ender's Shadow than Ender's Game - and the character was quite complex. All of which made it a much more interesting story.
General Read: 5 | For Discussion: 4

Bill: Reviews say it is not necessary to have read Ender's Game, but I think that adds significantly to the enjoyment & understanding of Ender's Shadow. I found the "parallax" view of the same events original and fascinating.
General Read: 5 | For Discussion: 5

John: How Bean evelved from using his intelligence for self perseverance to having feelings and helping his fellow companions was fascinating. I believe there was little differences between this and Ender's Game even thought each was seen through different eyes.
General Read: 5 | For Discussion: 4

Steph: Great character growth. Card married the two novels with expertise. I amused myself by reading the same scene from each book, one after the other, to see how each character felt during the exchanges. We have had livelier discussions on other books.
General Read: 5 | For Discussion: 3

Eric: I've heard a number of people say that Bean's series is their favorite, above Ender's, and yet I cannot compare the two because I cannot read the one without the knowledge of the other. Yet, I can say that Card masterfully changes perspective, voice and varies theme, returning to a story he first published some fourteen years earlier, in a way I doubt few others would be able to accomplish so well. The juxtaposition of survival and compassion, entitlement verses humility, revenge and mercy represented in almost every thread of this story laced with with underlying (and many surface and overt) theological themes make this a very interesting read and a great discussion opportunity regardless of your belief system.
General Read: 4 | For Discussion: 5

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