Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

Picked by: Steph

Bill: Masterful combination of human relationships and sci-fi technology. The characters are not secondary to the technology, which I found unusual in the sci-fi genre.
General Read: 5 | For Discussion: 4

John: As a child I often would think of how vast is space. This book brought some of those thoughts back. When the replicators traveled deep into space and sent information back was very interesting. I would have liked to hear more from Jason about what he learned from the replicators.
General Read: 4 | For Discussion: 5

Judi: Plot somewhat disappointing; the mystery of the Spin is not clearly explained. Good character development, although female characters, for the most part, were in subservient roles.
General Read: 3 | For Discussion: 3

Phyllis: Interesting concept - well written, kept my interest. Women could have been more developed as characters - stronger, less dependent. Tyler was a wonderful narrator, but Jason & Diane's stories would have been interesting if more developed.
General Read: 5 | For Discussion: 4

Steph: Good character development, but something was lacking somewhere. Maybe the characters were too dramatic and over-simplified? I am also turned off by loves that don't get together. I loved the sci-fi technology aspect; seemed well thought out.
General Read: 4 | For Discussion: 5

Discussion questions used:

I asked one question and we ended up discussing things for over an hour:
  • What were the themes you observed?

Discussed at Firefly Coffee Shop